Immigrating to Mauritius with dogs

Hi Folks,

I've done some basic preliminary research regarding immigrating with pets.  It seems it is possible, the worst part is 30 day quarantine, which is not nice but still doable.

Immigrating to Mauritius is probably a pipe dream for me at the moment.  The question I want to ask to the forum is:  Is it easy to find rental accommodation that allows pets, specifically in my case 2 medium size adult Labradors.  This implies that the property would have a decent size garden and fenced off from neighbours and the road.  Are there such properties in the Mauritius rental market?  What areas of the island are good residential suburbs?  Note, that I'm not soliciting rental options; I am aware there is a Housing section for this. I am merely asking what is available.

Our friends that have moved to Aus and NZ say that finding pet friendly rental accommodation is quite difficult.  I'd like the point of view from people in this forum.  Our dogs are our children, no point investigating any further if they can't come with is.

My occupation is Software Engineer and my wife is a Regional Sales and Marketing director for a pharmaceutical.  We should be able to afford decent accommodation, but not the rock star/gansta  property on the beach front.

Thanks in advance.

Hi donoh,

Welcome to and thank you for your introduction :)

Well, finding an accommodation that allows pets are difficult to find but not impossible. I would suggest you to rent an independent house but the price will be higher compared to apartments and other kind of accommodation available here.

Note that you can find independent houses in different regions but it depends where you would like to reside, that is whether you would prefer coastal regions or in the central area / towns.
Most expats prefer to live in coastal regions like Tamarin, Flic en flac or in the north like Grand Bay / Pereybere.

If you want to have more personalised help, i'd rather recommend you to get in touch with a real estate agency, they are able to offer you a tailor made service. :)
You can find some in the business directory : … -agencies/

I hope that you will be able to expatriate in our beautiful island soon.
Let us know about your progress and do not hesitate to ask us more questions if necessary.

Best of luck,

Priscilla team  :cheers:

Hi, we didn’t have a problem finding a rental house with a dog. You just need to make it clear to the estate agents when you start looking for housing.  We did have to returf some of the garden when we left and ensure all furniture was steam cleaned but we expected that we would have to do so!  And don’t worry about the quarantine.  The kennel runs are basic but clean and you can visit every day to walk your dog in the exercise area and spend time with them. Good luck!

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