2k19 making new friends

Hi everyone out there 😊
First of all Godt nytår🙋‍♀️
Happy new year 2019*

My Name is Niteesha and im from Mauritius,which is on the east coast of Madagascar,known as the "paradise island"
I've been in denmark since last year and i live with my Partner who is a Dane.as for me we applied for a residence permit through family reunification (being spouse of a dane)  and im waiting for the permit  from the immigration embassy, actually there's lots of process especially if you are from non eu/eea countries. Now that you know a bit about me i would like to focus on why im here 🙂... i read a lot about how to make friends in Denmark ,expat communities ,about the Danes,ect..personally i would say i love Denmark and i love the culture of Denmark everything is new for me here.i know that there's been many ads about expats make friends at language school and i can't wait for that ...i want to make friends ,keep in touch,hangout go shopping and  go out for a drink...share my experience learn more and discover new things ....and learn Danish ....anyone wants to be friend write to me lets make it 🙂....as they say " FRIENDSHIP IS BORN AT THAT MOMENT WHEN ONE PERSON SAYS TO ANOTHER: 'WHAT! YOU TOO? I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONL
Y ONE".😉 looking forward to hear from you xx

I'm eranda and wish to come Denmark this year. I'll be your friend.

You’re welcome dear

Cheers erandajaya x

Hi Delcom much appreciate 🙂 where do you live ?

Thank you for replying guys 👩

Hi Delcom thanks for that😊 where do you live in Denmark?

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