E.P\D.P Related !!

Hi Expats,

My EP was applied on 27th Dec'18. Currently the status is pending. Could you please let me know when can the DP for my wife and my daughter can be applied ?
My new company is saying that once i join them , after my 1st day at office they would be applying for the DP. And currently they would be raising Visitors Pass for my wife and daughter so that they can accompany me to the Singapore.

Could anyone please throw some light on this matter ?

Thanks in Advance !!!

They are correct. It’s always safe to apply DPs after approval of EP. Spouse and children can travel with EP holder under tourist visa which will have validity of 30 days. Employer can apply DPs after you joined them. It may take few days to a week or two for DP approval. Good luck

Hi Surya,

Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it . You're really a hero for the help you are providing through this forum. Thank You .  :)


My Epass is downgraded to Spass. Now my company applied for renewal of my Dependent pass for my wife and baby. My salary is less than 6k but above 5K. what are the chances of Dp?


As per the norms of MOM which came into effect from 1st Jan 2018 , one should have atleast S$6k salary to enjoy the benefits of D.P

Hi all
My dp got approved today

Application date : 31/12/2018
Approval date: 8/01/2019

Great News :)

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