EP appeal got rejected and my company applied for Spass

Hi All,

My EP appeal also got rejected and now my company has applied for S-Pass.
It has more than 2 weeks now but there is still no update.Also on MOM portal it is still showing old EP application status which is  rejected instead of  new S-Pass status. I am concerned if my company has really sent an application for S-Pass or in my case S-Pass status will not reflect on portal.Please guide on this.

Thanks in advance.


If you read our existing open threads, we have said many times that status changes only there is a change in application status at MoM. In your case, MoM doesn’t change their outcome I.e. rejected.

Unless, your employer changed the job profile and apply with a new application under S pass quota then MoM will treat as a different application and will show status as pending.

Secondly, changing the different pass will not solve any purpose here, rather employer has to provide the rationale why they changed the application for same job and why they want to hire a foreigner. Good luck

The EP and S-Pass application procedures are actually one and the same.
That's why, on the application form, there is an option "please consider for S-Pass if ineligible for EP."
Normally, if this is NOT ticked, the company lost the chance to apply for an S-Pass for you on this job aber an EP is rejected.
Thus, have they applies for your S-Pass on another job?

Thank you for your reply.

The company has applied S-Pass for the same job profile.Please guide me on this. As I was told they have applied for S-Pass after EP appeal was rejected and it has been almost weeks but no update on my S-Pass status.Is there something my company is hiding from me? Almost 3 months has gone for Visa processing.What should I do in this situation.Please guide.

Thank you for your reply

So in my case ,my employer will have to create a new application for S-Pass with different job profile to take my case forward?I was informed that they have already applied for SPass .Can my employer aaply for S-Pass with same EP application?or MOM doesn't accept such application?Please guide

As I wrote before (did you read that?), they can normally only apply for an S-Pass if it wasn‘t rejected before. Thus it must be a differen job profile!
But three months without any news is certainly too long! Reach out to your employer and ask them to contact MoM about it!
And, just in case, work on a Plan B in case this one does not work out, which is probable.

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