freelance working permit

i work online but im an expat and like to stay in HCM

does anyone know a company that can provide legit working contract/ working certificate or support for work permit for a little fee?

for example i know a tattoo artist who works in dubai and paid a company to give him a working contact of employment for a year. he got his legalized recidency card and work permit but his not really working in that company, he does his own tattoo freelance.

any licensed even small company could provide this actually, but does anyone know?

thanks in advance

Hey boss, I'm in the same boat.

I haven't been able to find anything, the only option I've been given is to start a company which had some unreasonable costs with a english speaking lawyer.

If you wanna get together and try to find a cheap way to do this and split the costs send me a PM.

Did either of you every succeed?

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