want to cancel only my daughters residency visa,

kindly advice or guide me my Iqama is expiring on 21 Jan 2019 , before that i want to cancel only by both daughters permanent visa , where as same time i want to renew my wife iqama.
condition is my daughter has to attain schools final exams in first week of March ..

* should i do it on line if so then how ?
or go to jawazath 
* i read final exit visa valid for 2 month ,
from the date of issue or till i paid depended fee date ..?

please help my i best way

thanking you

It is difficult in your case . Your daughters has to exit the country b4 you renew your iqama plus other members of family. Just applying final visa ( which has 60 days validity to leave country) . Either u have to scrifice their March exam or you have to pay their full year dependents fee & renew iqama . When you get their exit after march , you cannot get any money back.

Correction.  Just applying exit visa won't help..

thank you brother for reply ,
but my plan is 15th or 16th of Jan 2019 i will apply for final exit for my both daughter but after paid 2 months depended fee, than i will pay full one year depended fee of my wife , , than i will asked company to renew my iqama. once iqama renew i will book air ticket of all family for 13th march 2019 ..

is this will not work or should i go to jawazath ..

you mean to say that ,  at the time of my iqama renew the family member who already applied for final exit should not present in KSA .. if so then 2 months stay (for final exit visa and fee) for what ?

I think you missed the point. You can't renew your family iqama without daughters unless daughters travel out of kingdom on exit only visa ! !

You can exit them online...and your wife can stay and renew iqama easily

You can do that directly from Absher. Just issue final exit visa for you daughter and you must pay two month fees for your daughter to be able to stay the two months with you while you will pay one year Iqama renewal fees for your wife and ask you company to renew your Iqama.

I don't know any service in absher to exit dependent online but dependet stay in kingdom. He can apply exit visa online but not exit online. May be my knowledge is not updated.

I would certainly be interested to know what finally Mr. Hussain will do and was it successful?

Through email reply from (992[at]gdp.gov.sa) and personally taken opinion from Jawazath manger

"Insha allah i will applying final exit to family just before my iqama expired with paying 2 months dependent fee with that they can stay 60 days from the date of issue (in mean time my daughters can finished they school final exams) , after they fly out of kingdom, than i will ask company to renew my iqama (diff neatly it will be fine for late renew, if company ask me to pay i will pay 500sr as garama(penalty) which short and less compare to full year pay dependent fee for nothing .   

May Allah help all expatriates

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