How do you cope with summer in Bahrain.

How do you manage to shower or use water as tap water is too hot. What tricks do you use to cool it. How many times do you shower. I have heard people avoid shower as water is extremely hot in summers. How can you live without showering everyday for at least 2 times a day in such hot country.

Question is funny but genuine.
You can use simple bucket filled few hours prior to shower which will be of good temperature. Second you can go for shower early in morning when nighttime cooling has helped water to be of tolerable degrees. On the extreme you can use your fridge to make ice and submerse it in your bucket.
Is it a rocket science.................!!!

hhhh, no comments !! :D

This particular member has been asking lots of questions on many topics e.g. price of drinking water, salary, medicines and now this.  I would only advise to keep it to one thread and put all the questions there at once so that people are able to respond to everything at once.

As far as this question is concerned, if you have electric water heaters in your building or villas, turn them off in the summers and when showering, move the handle to the hot water setting - you will get cold water for a while; long enough to finish shower.  Because the water heaters store water and heat it in the winters.....when turned off, they still store water but don't heat it and it turns out to be cooler than the normal cold water setting (which is boiling in summers) :).   Worst case, shower at night or early in the morning.

If you have problem answering my questions in different threads then don't answer my questions. Nobody is forcing you. Are you moderator of this site or do you own this website??

Thanks for the answer.

Thankyou for your answer. Ya I know it's not rocket science but I'm just a curious guy who wants some answers to some silly questions. I know I can only learn things when I came there myself.

There is no need to be rude.  I commented and gave advice in a courteous way to help you to get more responses.

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You really need to check your attitude before asking for help.

@XTang, this guy reminds me of a video i watched on youtube!
Who's up for a bungee Jump.. The guy is all about 101 questions and no show!!

I have stated in one of my replies for him! Than questioning so much, its better to get here, learn and experience things for himself.

I mean, I understand its good to be prepared and stuff. But going by this guys questions, i don't think hel ever make it out of his cocoon!

@diwakar, please be patient and show some kind of appretiation out of the values if you have learnt in life.  Atleast with someone spending their time and helping you out with your questions without any gain for themselves!

Exactly.  Well said.

Lol, This guy took my exclamation mark as a sarcasm ! It is difficult to understand the feelings from written words. But he should have paid attention to my first line, I told him his question though funny, is genuine, that's why I gave all possible solutions to him. Anyways, point is silly to mess up with someone, actually any point which is a point of quarrel is silly.

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