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I'm a 52 yr old white male looking to do contract or freelance work. My main work experience is building control systems for machine automation as well as building machines from plan to customer specs, finding ways to customise older machines to work more effectively. I have done work on the fire engine at the Maurtian airport that needed to have the old PLC repkaced with a new modern unit. The only thing I don't do is take PLC programming. So Im not planning on settling in Mauritius but this will allow me to share my knowledge with local workers & if problems arise , I can be brought in to help & educate maintenance staff in future as well.

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I invite you to post a detailed job ad in the jobs in Mauritius section, it is free of charge and it might raise your chances in finding a job here.

I also advise you to have a look at the Mauritius Expat Guide and to go through the various articles on work, it might help you.
I also recommend you to get in touch with some recruitment agencies listed in the business directory. It can also be of great help. ;)

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