Can I run a home based children's class on a dependent visa

Hi my name is Shraddha. I am from India and here on a dependent pass. I am a MBA and my past work experience is in Digital and offline marketing. But i have also been an English teacher for some time. To make use of my free time i was thinking i could maybe offer classes to some children in my neighborhood. Some fees will be charged. Is that allowed? Is there a limited amount i am allowed to earn per month even if i am on a dependent pass. I will be self employed.

Ok, well thats operating a business and you need to form a company. Also, businesses are not allowed to be run from home. Since you likely cannot form a company, and pay its high costs, if you do it your way do not advertise that fact, do not attract authorities to yourself. But legally speaking, a foreigner cannot simply call themselves self-employed and open shop. In fact you cant do that in any country around here. In Vietnam for example, the local police will knock on your door anytime they want and see who and what is going on inside. So, to answer you, you cannot do your plan legally but you can illegally and take your chances. Do you feel lucky?

You might consider joining the FSSG group on facebook who are expat spouses trying to get the government to permit working. I dont keep up with their progress but maybe they can give you additional help for your situation.

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