Buying property and living in Turkey.

Hello all,

Just joined the expat club as looking to move to Turkey.  Lived for 15 years abroad and now looking to start a new chapter. 

Would appreciate any info in general about buying a property and living out there.

Many thanks.

Hi brisa,

Same thoughts I lived abroad for 12 years and moved back to my home country. Looking forward to move to turkey as I miss my expat life hope we can find good information. I heard of touristic resident visa which is for 1 year. Once you land in Turkey you can apply with that. You must have a rental contract and bank account with required amount. If someone can share here how much a couple required to get a touristic resident visa?
I am thinking once I get the long term touristic visa I will Visit all the big cities and If I love it I will buy a small apartment and next year can apply on the basis of having own property.

Kindly share your thoughts

Thank you Oden.  Hoping someone will be able to tell us!  Seems like a good way to do things.  Good luck to you.  Regards Brisa

that someone just arrived:) [at]brisa1 [at]odan

You can actually make your application online for visa.

For purchasing a house, I think you should come and rent a place before buying a place a here. Because it might not suit your taste and world view.

In general kadıköy moda levent taksim etiler nişantaşı considered more liberal rest is more conservative

Hi! would like to move to Istanbul Belykduzu area ! i was already there for a visit and I liked it.Thinking to buy an apartment there. Anything I should know before buying in that area?
Are they really going to build that big  valley?
Thanks for any kind of infos.
Really appreciated

Yep. Turkey came also into my interest. I thought about something
like rental business and in the free trade zones import of moto bikes trucks trailers and vehicles. Maybe a tool shop too.
All taxations about this are of my interest. ty

Hi everyone!

I lived in many countries and I enjoy change. I would like to move to Turkey some day but it is not possible now. So, for now I want to buy an apartment but don't have alot of money like some of the foreigners investing in Turkey. I know a retired couple who bought in Dushmealti which was where Inwas planning to buy since yeaterday.

Now thinking about my reasons to buy. I need a rental income and they don't.

My questions: what do you think of Dushmealti, Antalya? How about Istanbul or Ankara? Rental wise and investment as well as living there.

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