Telephone System for Business Purposes

Hello Everyone,

We are moving into a house in Sosua Ocean Village in March.
We will be working from home and need a Meridian style telephone system and telephone service that will accomodate 5 roll over lines.
We can forward our phones from our office in Canada to this system in the DR and work without interruption.
Could anyone please direct me to someone that can help with this? English speaking as well since we don’t speak Spanish.... yet :)
Thank you!

I think Claro Codetel is going to be your option.  Not sure how that will work unless you have a corporation here.  It's tough to get a cell phone plan if you don't have a cedula and residency here.  Will you be here permanent of short term?

And welcome to the forums!

Hello Planner,

Thank you for your reply and the welcome!

We will be going back and forth between Canada and our house in the DR. We have a Canadian corporation only. No cedulas.

You have given me a starting point, so many thanks for that.

Kindest Regards,


You are very welcome honey!  I don't have a contact on the north shore and any contact from Santo Domingo won't be any help.

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