Good hospital review

Well I managed to slip on a wet floor at home and fall.  I managed to "only" fracture my tailbone.  Yup, only.  I thought I also broke my wrist but no.

So let me tell you, it bloody well hurts. It hurts to sit, hurts to stand, hurts to lay down, hurts to move.  So what's a girl to do..... Grin and bear it! 

Kuddos to Hospiten in Santo Domingo. They did a great job.  They didn't laugh at me even once when I told em I broke my ass!!!

My only issue was an insistence I needed to be in hospital. Oh hell no!

Paid not one peso as I went to emergency!  That is good insurance!

I am told to take it easy. Yeah right......

Ain't anyone ever told you your not supposed to be busting your ass during the holidays? Sit down, take it easy, have some drinks!

I kinda have to now!

You were supposed to be partying in my name, not busting your butt! Poor thing. Prolly hurts to sit or stand. Maybe you can lay on your tummy and drink from a straw.

Seriously, I hope you heal soon. Falling as a kid is one thing. Falling as an adult is a whole different ball game.

Best wishes for 2019 and a speedy recovery!
What a way to start the year for a dancer...

Aw geez, tail bones are the worst...maybe next to ribs.

Best wishes for a comfortable and speedy recovery!

So sorry the hear that you will sitting on pillows for a while.  I have known you for over 14 years and you have been busting your butt since the beginning.  Feel better and hopefully see you in a couple of weeks at the meet up


Ahhhh thanks guys.  Yup pillows are my friend right now. 

Everything is painful but this too shall pass!

Hope your back to feeling yourself again soon!! It sucks when everything is gong good... no aches, no pains and then something crazy happens to make you appreciate all those days :-). Have a safe and happy New Year! I hope to visit the North Coast for the first time some time this spring! Might be s game changer!

You Know My Offer Still Stands......


So sorry to hear about your glutes.  You have taken the phrase, "busting your butt" to a whole new level.  Seriously, I will pray 🙏 for you to fully recover soon.

Get well sweet girl. 

At 6'5" tall and 275 #, now you have 2 Bug Bobs.

Thanks everyone. I actually went and drove my car today. Had to get a few things, now I will go lay down! Yikes!!!

Hope you feel better soon!

Wishes your way for a speedy recovery!

Thanks its getting better slowly. Darn this takes a long time to heal and I am just so not a patient person....... LOL   

No dancing this holiday season, imagine!

jeez, planner. sorry to hear this. it is never a good time to have this happent to you, but the holidays suck for misery. hurry up and get well.  Happy New Year...

Sorry to hear about your fall, seems like you are handling it like a trooper though!
On the bright side, one thing you mentioned really caught my attention in a positive way:

"Paid not one peso as I went to emergency!  That is good insurance!"

That would not be the case in the US!!

i got  bitten by a dog and had to get anti tetanus and anti rabies innoculations. walked in and out of the center without spending a peso. try that in the US...

Just caught this thread - sorry to dear lady. Hope it doesn't take too dang long to get back to what ever your "normal" is! Yeap , pillows and large containers of your fav drink with long straws.......

Thanks honey. I barely stopped long enough to recuperate and it's back to doing most things - no other option. Sitting in my office is one of theirs hardest things to do.

Later tomorrow I am off on vacation to the north coast. Taking my pillow with me!

Hello Deahh (Southern Drawl)

If you don't mind me asking, what are your favorite stops along the north coast and what in particular do you like about those locales?

I should be moving to Cabrera by the end of February!

Kind regards,


I love a lot of the north coast.  I like that you are never far from truly Dominican culture and Dominican dance places!

I don't particularly like Sosua as there are not many local places to go dancing. I do love Sosua Bay.

I don't love Cabarete as it is far too touristy but I do visit there for day trips

I spent 8 years living in or near Puerto Plata. It's big enough to have almost everything but not so big there are traffic issues!

I don't know Cabrera very well at all but many love it there!

Thank you Planner for the courtesy of your reply. :)


jaycreynolds :

Hello Deahh (Southern Drawl)

If you don't mind me asking, what are your favorite stops along the north coast and what in particular do you like about those locales?

I should be moving to Cabrera by the end of February!

Kind regards,


Your question is worth a new thread, and perhaps you could be give one.

So let's try a few places close to Cabrera off the beaten expat track.

May I suggest you try Playa La Entrada a few miles to east of Cabrera on the Nagua road, both during the week when it is quiet, and at weekends with loads of locals making the most where the river enters. It was always a favourite of mine for a day out from Samana for a beach day and simple beach food with cold beer and then stocking up with yogurt at the small outlet back of the main road to Nagua. … mp;bih=579

And visit Duda Blue Lagoon on the way … mp;bih=579

Playa Los Gringos, on the east side of Nagua is a place where you can see Dominican families truly enjoy their weekends in a chaotic but happy way and join in the fun. Try the local oysters raw with either lemon or a hot sauce! Again just a short trip from Cabrera with all the annoyances of driving through Nagua thrown in. … mp;bih=579

In both places it helps if the waves are light.

You also have an historic monument in a local lighthouse, Cabo Frances Viejo near Cabrera.

Great info!

I will consider Hospiten if I have an emergency in the future.

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