When will the Expat Visa ban lifted?

I am an Indian citizen residing in Hyderabad and currently working in an MNC. I have cousins who are Oman citizens. They are trying very hard to call me to Oman for a job since 2016. I even visited Oman on a Relatives Visit Visa in November 2017. I wasn't able to land a job because of the ongoing visa ban targeting certain professions. I was wondering when will this ban be lifted? And even if it isn't lifted, is there any way for me to land a decent job? I am an Aeronautical Engineer with additional certifications in fire and safety domain.

Kindly help.
Thank you.

Hi Mahmood Ali 9194,

To land a good job in Oman these days, an expatriate (more so, one originating from Asia) would need oodles of luck !

Since you say your cousins are Omani citizens, it should not really be that hard for them to bring you over. If they are unable to sponsor you, then you can imagine how much harder it would be for anyone else to sponsor you !

Appreciate your reply sir.
Do you have any idea when the visa ban would be lifted? I mean till what date does this visa ban runs?

Thanking you in advance.

Hi Mahmood Ali 9194,

From the last published newspaper reports, the visa ban on those professions / jobs already identified and declared is set to continue indefinitely, with no change in the status quo.

Thank you.

Now a days the job situation in Oman little bad, no much openings due to visa ban and also most of the companies not paying salaries in time., If you are in to MNC in Hyderabad, leaving that job and relocation to Oman in the present situation is a bad idea....better try in other countries, if you really want to leave MNC.

Appreciate your response!
Thank you.

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