regarding towared work permit for malaysia

hello, everyone i am kishore an indian i have applied for the job in malaysia through an agent. he used to ask me as a work visa fee as 2500rm. By chance its ok for me because its an obvious thing that every agent would like to do. But the issue is i had paid visa fee at september 4th and the agent said that visa  will be on-hand within 2 months that means november 4th, untill now i cant get my visa and he like to say that occasionally the "visa officially can not be declared by an malaysian government on the month of november and december. eventually he explained that 'you will receive your work permit at mid of january.
     i am little about nervous with him was he is true or not. is there any lawsuit on malaysian government that not declare work permit on the month of november and december.
     please help me with this.

This is normal with agents
Too many scams around
Try get your money returned

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