Door locks/ security hardware North Coast?

Anyone have a recommendation for where to buy good quality deadbolts/door security hardware on North Coast? We're heading into Sosúa/PP on Monday

All types are available  in most hardware stores. If in doubt, bring with you. Remember that if they think it is worth their while, nothing will stop them. To wit; banks & the Kardashians.

I just need a name of a hardware store...otherwise we'll head to Jumbo. Just got new doors...old security system doesn't fit...thanks.

Brodie's...I don't know the names of them but there were 3 or 4 fettiterias (sp) we saw in Puerto Plata. But, I think Jumbo's might be your best bet. There is also Papaterias in Sosua. La Sirena in Santiago might have them too.

If you are in Sosua then check  Pappeteria (sp) in Sosua as well as Lunares if coming through Cabarete.

Bob K

Ochoa in STI might have more selection

All mine came from Sto Dom originally and we just them remastered by that store.

Pappaterras is in Gaspar too... Sosua has a big one

Luchianos on the highway close to Supra Pola.

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