How can Malaysia visa refusal stamp affect my future travel plans??

I am new here and this my first post but I always read other people post in this forum

my question is How can a visa refusal stamp on my passport affect my future travel plans?
I was in Malaysia for 3 months then I extend for one more month then I left the country to Sri Lanka
I stay for 30 days there

I decided to go back to Malaysia to apply for Singaporean Visa but for what reason Malaysia refuse to give me a visa to enter I don't know why and give me stamp on my passport that I have been refused

so my question is it gonna affect my future travel to any other country or no
and if I like to go back to Malaysia again what is this best way to make sure they not gonna reject me again because I have a stamp on my passport

It surely can
Immigration officers wonder why a person has a "Refused Entry" stamp in her / his passport
Not an inviting stamp

Thank you for  your concern
So how i can correct this issue and can i vist  back Malaysia again or what I should do

The problem until now I don’t know why refuse to give me visa is not my first time to vist Malaysia only this time the give me this stamp

I think its kind of late to correct the issue now
I am sure you must have asked when you were refused
What was their answer?

Were you refused because you were supposed to apply for a visa before coming back to Malaysia?

cvco :

Were you refused because you were supposed to apply for a visa before coming back to Malaysia?

I think that is the actually the solution.

Apply for a visa through a Malaysian embassy/consulate. Explain the situation and say that you were told that you were denied because the officer said you needed a visa... and that you need a short-term visa to pass through KL.

They may come back with another reason for denial, or they may grant you the visa.  Or they may deny you with "no comment". If the latter it could be something more serious. They may suspect that you have been working, or committed some other violation. If that's true do you really want to travel back through or into Malaysia?

But if you get the visa it will likely "erase" (at least on inspection) the earlier denial.

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