Good coffee in the Eastern Region

Hello people,

I'm a coffee lover and was wondering if anyone knows any other good coffee in the Eastern Region aside from those listed below?

Coffee Lab (They often have good Ethiopian, Yemeni, Saudi and South American coffee beans. The Varietal and Camel Step are probably the best ones.)

Umq Coffee (They sometimes have good Ethiopian and Yemeni beans).

Specialty Bean (They have around 5 types of coffee beans from around the world.)

Alameed Coffee (Ground turkish coffee. Can be found at Danube and other places. The 10/2018 packages are good. The 9/2018 ones are not. Be careful.)

Coffee Brewer (Ground hand-roasted Guatemalan coffee. Can be found in Danube in the Organic section. Very strong.)

Caffeine Attitude (Ground Columbian coffee. Can be found at Al-Osra Supermarket.)

Marai Coffee (Pre-boiled Arabic Saud-style coffee. Can be found at supermarkets.)


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