North Coast Meet Up

Hi everyone, we will be doing a meet up in January in Sosua!

Friday January 11 at 2pm.   Margot's Restaurant, Alejo Martínez Esq. Calle Proyecto. Sosua.

Everyone is welcome,  bring your friends and make some new ones!

This will be an official Event so watch for your email invite!

Any questions just let me know....... and please let us know if you plan to attend.....

(Next one will be in Punta Cana)

We plan on being there!

Sounds great!

I am in Luperon.  If I am still here, I will try to make it.

Sigh,  we arrive in POP on the 7th but are heading south to SD then northeast to Las Galeras so will miss this!  We would have loved to have met a bunch of you. Have fun!
Tripp and Nancy

Count Andy and I in...we are so excited to finally make this meet up:)

I will be there. Will need a guide to avoid the bumps.  May the next year be an even better one for you all!

We won't be there till the 20th. Have fun!

Count me in

Bob K

Hi Planner!  We will miss the meeting again.   Land in las terrenas jan 19th to take possession of our new home.   Maybe next time.  Gary & Catherine, Niagara, Canada

Margo's... A long history, mid 90's larry of Campo Bar & Spankys owned it. A great bar & excellent food. Was open then on the left side with many plants and breezes. Elias was the kitchen mgr & greeter for all who came in. It had the only basement in Sosua. That's right, a real basement, not a cellar but a large basement!.  Several operators over the years. Located about 35 yards to the left of Bologna.   A short block to the right of Don Andres.  Looking forward to talking to as many of you as possible.  Sorry folks, I won't be signing autographs this time around. Many thanks to Planner for organizing this meet up.

Good morning!  Quick bump on this thread! 

Unfortunately I will not be attending. Due to my injury I headed home to Santo Domingo.  No place lime home when you are in pain!  (I fell and broke my tail bone kids).

Someone please take photos for me!!! Thanks and have fun!

Today is the 11th and I have just found this so no time to arrange a vehicle. Have fun and hope everyone has a great time. Plan on being in Sosua or Cabarete at the end of the month for birthday celebrations if all works out. Punta Cana sounds like a interesting next meet up. Just need to start finding/identifying accommodations for those of us on limited budgets......gotta have $$ for fun too....hehehehe

Take care of your a** . sad that today would have been the last time I could "see" your smile.

Feel better Darlene!


Hello, we're going to try to make it as well. We've got some business to take care of beforehand but we should easily be able to make it. We arrived on Monday and are happy to get to know some member of the community. Is there any special way to recognize the group, or just head for the large gathering of expat looking people?

Thanks all!

Great to meet everyone today. Heidi, I and the kids had a great time.

We had a good time too.  Great to meet new people, and put faces to the screen names.  Looking forward to the next one already.

So good to hear!!!

To all those at the Meet-up, I apologize for having to leave so quickly.  My departure was predicated on several factors. As most of you are aware of, I have a visual handicap. I was not expecting a sitdown upscale white table cloth banquet type of set up. The inability to roam around & shake hands, hug etc, made it difficult to meet & greet. The food smelled great & the couple of children were very well behaved.  The room was somewhere in the depths of the building & the layout of the tables inhibited movement. The staff & service were examplarly. (SP).  I wanted to circulate & meet the members that I hadn't met before.  I was fortunate to have   a couple of good friends there. No one else showed any interest in meeting me or my friend,(also a member). I left after one drink & relocated to a more welcoming place.  The venue was great, just far from what I feel that meet-ups have been in the past.  Thank you to the three folks who said hello. Again the staff was excellent, the clients less so.  May the next north shore meet up be less so commercialized.

Wow.  So a nice restaurant didn't meet your standards.

Sadly most will not with that attitude. 

You can somehow navigate Sosua 's streets but not a restaurant with tables and chairs?  I am not buying it!

Learn to read English!  Nothing wrong with the venue, in fact I praised the  venue. It was the fact that it was laid out in a U & it   made it difficult for ANYONE to get around. I think perhaps the ambiance gave the people a sense of formality.  The group as very subdued, little laughter or frivolity. I believe it was the setting, not the people that created the staid atmosphere. The place has a large open air patio much more conducive to movement and casual conversation. That was impossible in the space provided today. I in no way accept your barely veiled insult about my ability to navigate between tables. THERE WAS NO between tables in that room. Had to stand up to allow someone to pass on their way to the restroom. That wasn't what I bitched about.  It was the lack of commraderie (SP) that was missing. I am fully aware that most people are uncomfortable around handicapped people, no excuse, I announced myself as the Tinker upon entering the room. Many hugs & hopes you will be able to dance soon.  I ain't pissed, just a little crushed by you.  Heal quick, you deserve it.

I'll have to say that I agree that the space was not conducive to mingling. It was a very nice restaurant but hard to get around and we were basically unable to talk to anyone who wasn't seated right next to us. I vote next time we meet up that it's at a nice patio or open bar space. Still great to meet new people and put faces to screen names. Looking forward to the next one.

Sorry I missed it.  I did not get out of our lawyers office in Cabarete till a bit after 3PM.  She was an hour late as usual for the DR.


I will be done in the Puerta plata in February.   Please let’s all meet up.

I wont be there in Feb so someone else can handle it.

Also suggest that the two groups meet separately.  Although I love both groups, they "meet" differently. I look forward to all future meet ups!

Astute observation, but then, i expect no less from you.

MGolak, I think we get to meet you guys week after next!

That would awesome ChristieE! We look forward to it!!

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Welcome to the forums. I will recommend you read the thread on residencia.  And post your question there honey!

Not sure when next Meetup will be but it will be posted here.

Several of us want to make the meet ups a monthly event. It would allow those who can't make it to one can the next. Plus we like to get together more often. Perhaps open to all expats not just members of the site. What do you all feel about that idea?

Cool. Then take care of it kids.....

My dear Planner aka Baby doll.

Since expat meetings seem to be a topic of conversation, what about meeting on the beaches where each expat can bring their favorite choice of beverage and a folding chair, if they can't or don't want to get sand up their shorts?  Then everyone will be on their own budget? 



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