Spass rejected just now

Hi Guys, my spass application has been applied last 17 of December then just now upon checking it came out that it was rejected. I immediately inform my employer about this and the reason was quota. But before they apply my pass they amend some adjustments regarding on their local employee status of employment. They are in services industry and the number of their locals are 4 local and 1 Malaysian/NAS work permit holder so I just check it on MOM website so it appeared that they can apply for spass but I am worried because it was still rejected.
If an employer will going to appeal they need to send a supporting documents. Is it?
How many days does the out come of the appeal?
I just have 3 weeks to stay here. 😞

If you read our earlier comments, you should have got the answers to your questions. Spend time to read open threads, we have recently answered this type of questions.

In short, on every appeal, employer has to address the reason of rejection. If your employer said that the rejection was due to quota then have inform MoM with supportings that they have S pass quota now, they are appealing your case to reconsider.

On time frame, it can take a week to a month to see a result on appeal. Good luck

Hi Surya,
Yes I am starting to read all related threads.
They will appeal tomorrow and they will send supporting documents.
But do you have some related topic before just like mine? Is it 100% that Mom will approved the appeal of my employer if they will send supporting documents to MOM regarding their quota?

Juls31 :

Is it 100% that Mom will approved the appeal of my employer if they will send supporting documents to MOM regarding their quota?

Not at all!
Since quota is one of the first (formal) requirements they check, once the appeal clears that they will start checking all the other requirements you and your employer must fulfill to hire you. This will take time and can well lead to another (then final) rejection.
You must leave Singapore when your current visa runs out and stay abroad until the S-Pass is approved.

So you mean I should not expect that this can be approved? Then, I should find another employer is it?

Juls31 :

So you mean I should not expect that this can be approved? Then, I should find another employer is it?

Beppi said that the review process is not done yet. Earlier, MoM rejected your application as your employer didn’t satisfy the condition where S pass quota is must before sending new application for review.

Now, as you said your employer is having quota for S pass, so after they appeal, MoM will review your application, review process has several yardsticks (read various open threads we have had discussed in details) to go through before they approve or reject.

You can wait to see the outcome and same time looking for another employer is not a bad idea. Good luck

Hi Surya thank you for the details.
Yes, they said that they have quota since they adjust their local part time employee into full time but is it also vary on the cpf contribution of their local employee?
Moreover, I found already a new company but they’re not be able to apply me a new pass unless I will withdraw my application on my present employer.
Do you think it is good to withdraw my application to my present employer since the approval is quiet low chance or just wait for the appeal? I just have 3 remaining weeks to remain here.

Very much yes, you can request employer to withdraw their appeal If you don’t want to proceed with them. Try to give a valid rationale so that they won’t take it in a negative way.

Local employee’s CPF contribution has nothing to do with your selection. Instead, your employer’s contribution towards society, local employees ratio in the organisation and past work reputation. Then, your qualifications, experiences, job description, clean record, offered salary compared to Market and valid reason to hire a foreigner by your employer are the major criteria to select or reject. Good luck

Yes this is how they calculated their quota.
I don’t know why mom still got some issues on their quota and rejected my application.
They’re inline with services Industry so they have 4 locals, 1 malaysian that’s why they are capable to have 1 spass.
I really really wanted this company, but I’m in between of confusing cause I also don’t want to exit to other country due to tight budget.

Whether to go with the new or old employer is your own personal decision, in which we cannot help. There is no guarantee for success either way - and your limited messages give no clear indication which way has higher chances. You decide which risks you prefer!
Timewise, a new application will almost certainly NOT be ready by your three weeks deadline, while the current one has a certain (but still low) chance. You should in any case make plans for a temporary stay abroad!

This is a new update to me.
I already confirmed a new company to apply me for a new pass this coming Tuesday. Are they going to see that I have a current appeal pass? Or should I withdraw the current pass that my current company applied/appealed? Thank you.

You can only have ONE ongoing application at any one time. Thus your old employer must withdraw theirs before the new one can submit.

If my current employer withdraw the application today will it be reflected immediately?

It will usually take a few days. They could potentially ask MoM to expedite the issue.

OMG! Tomorrow my new employer will apply me for a pass. I don’t want them to know that I have a current apply pass. What should I do? I’m gonna message my current employer now and will try to withdraw my application now.

You could also try to contact MoM yourself and declare that you are withdrawing the application. They do not normally entertain job seekers' requests, but if you are desperate it is worth a try!

Okay i will call them tomorrow but I also informed my current employer that I am going to withdraw my application to them.  They peacefully agreed since almost 3 weeks I waited their company.  Thank you so much beppi. You are really a big help!😀

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