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We are Myriam and Bert from Belgium and Holland, newly arrived in SR, found a small condo to spend the next 6 months here while we consider how long we'd like to live in Cambodia.
We've been traveling for many years together; our last address was in the Caribbean where we spent 12 years until mega hurricane Irma destroyed 95% of our island in September 2017. It was such a traumatic event for the island that we decided to move out before the next hurricane season. We left in June 2018 to become nomads backpacking around Asia. So far we've done Holland, Belgium, France, Poland, Russia on the Trans Siberian Express to Irkutsk and the Baikal Lake, then down to Mongolia. From there to South Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar to end up in Cambodia.

Hubby is a bilingual (English/Dutch) journalist/writer who just published his first thriller in English. He started writing when he was very young in the Netherlands, gradually building an extensive career as a freelancer in the Dutch language first, then turning to English In the Caribbean, where he worked as the general editor of a local English newspaper. Today he still writes for the online newspaper on Saint-Martin and is currently working on his second thriller.

I am a linguist, translator/interpreter, fluent in English, French and Dutch. teaching English and French online or privately. In the Caribbean I was an interpreter for the court and a translator for the Public Prosecutors office and various lawyers.
I am also an awareness coach and an Emotional Re-connection Facilitator for children on the autism spectrum, kids with ADD/ADHD and kids suffering from various traumas. I directed a three year pilot program that I created for specifically selected children between the age of 7 and 17 in two local public schools and a private school.
I am a Reiki practitioner and a healer, practicing for the benefit of people and animals alike.
But above all I am a passionate quilting artist, constantly exploring new techniques, expanding them to create my very own style.

Both of us are still quite active in our sixties: we love hiking, cycling, swimming, spending time in nature and with animals. I practice yoga and meditation while Bert runs his 10ks. Reading and Extreme Sudoku occupy some of our quiet moments, Scrabble is our favorite game.

We've only been in Cambodia three weeks but we fell in love with the people, their generosity, their beautiful smile, their authenticity. We are excited to be able to live here for a while, especially looking forward to connect with the local population and the expat community in a meaningful way.

Myriam & Bert Haar.

Hello Myriam and Bert.

What a nice read and interesting life style.

Welcome to this forum (you should have posted in the new members forum but ok), scroll through the variety of threads for information, if questions still exist don't hesitate to post them in the appropriate thread or start a new thread.

Hope your stay will be a great one.


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Thanks JoeKhmer,
We have definitely not had much time to get bored, and not planning to either.

We have plans for our temporarily sedentary life in SR.

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Myriam H.

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