Partner moving to Tanzania with me


I have been offered a role working with an NGO in Mwanza.

My girlfriend would like to come with me, but she does not currently have a job in Tanzania. Would she just need to get a tourist visa until she acquires a job? Also, is it simple enough to organise the work permits for her, once she is offered a job in Tanzania?  She is 27 and from the UK.

Any advice much appreciated as my girlfriend being able to join me is a big factor in me accepting the position.

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Hi Andy,

Your girlfriend will initially need a tourist's visa upon entering the country. This means that she will only be allowed to stay for 90 days before having to leave Tanzania and then reentering on another tourist visa. At present there is  no limit to the amount of tourist visas that you can have in one year.

Once you have a work permit you MAY be able to apply for a dependents visa, linked to your work permit, which will run concurrent to your work visa. Whether it may, or may not, be granted will be very dependent upon whom's desks it travails. It is a lottery here at the moment...

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This advice is spot on

Just t add the Dependent pass should be applied together with your Resident pass as one process not after . But this is after you get work permit and start the Resident Pass Process.

Yes your Partner can apply for a Work Permit and there after Resident Pass once she gets a job.



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