Moving from Indiana to Madrid


My name is Mike and am currently in the process of moving to Madrid (Alcobendas) in  the spring to be with my girlfriend, who is from Madrid.  I am hoping I can get some advice from expats about any possible schools to learn Spanish. I realize I'll learn this, but I want to be proactive.  I am also moving with a dog. While I figured out the paperwork, I wanted to know if there is anything else I should prepare for

Also, are there any good apps or services such as 'meetup' which will allow me to connect with fellow American expats in my area?


Hello Mike!

First, for all bureaucracy concerns, I suggest you look on and join their Facebook group 

Second, for expat groups, look on - there are loads of expat groups in Madrid -  - there are also many on Facebook, like this one -

Thirdly, for Spanish classes, there are many many many but best you do your own research to find out what location, price and schedule bests suits you. Some that are popular amongst the expats in Madrid are AIL, LAE, Spaneasy, Tandem...

I hope that all helps! :)

Good luck and happy new year!


There are quite a few videos on youtube that may help you get started with learning some basic Spanish. They are free to watch.

Good luck

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