Kaust HR interview

Hi everyone,
I have applied for a postdoctoral research fellow position at kaust. Professor has already agreed on hiring and now I am awaiting pre approval from HR department. I expect an interview in January.

It'd be really kind if anyone could share their experience of administrative interview(s) with HR department. Moreover, what salary should I expect? I am a Pakistani national, a fresh Electrical Engineering PhD graduate from Germany with 5 years of pre PhD teaching experience in Pakistan.

Hope all is good and hope your wish of getting job with KAUST will become true. I have no idea of HR interview, i think they will ask you about personality related questions and reason of accepting job in Saudi Arabia.
Just want to give you heads up that ensure they have proper visa title for you, do not accept to come on 'labor' visa. It is a regular practice to bring people on labor visa and then it gets difficult to get other type of visa. Also if it is an engineering position, ensure that you will go through registration process which will require your degrees to be attested. Pls ensure you do your research and ask them to give you a clear process.

Pls let me know if you want to know more details.

W.salam. Thank you Ehtesham for the response. I have read about similar guidelines regarding working/visa in Saudi and I will be careful while signing the contract.

From some old posts, I can guess that there are some people around on the forum who have worked at KAUST so their view specifically on the KAUST HR interview will be handy.

By the way, you remind me of one of the guys I met in the UK. His name is also Ehtesham and hailed from Jeddah :)

What a terrible forum. I believe there are people who have worked at KAUST but no help whatsoever. Really disappointed :(

Hi AbuHaider,
Sorry to see you are disappointed. Forum doesn't have active members like before. Although I think someone from KAUST should have shared some info. Anyhow, have you tried Facebook groups?

Dear Ehtesham,
Professor told me yesterday that my case has been refused by the HR department. Thank you very much for your response.

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