Business idea at Dubai

To all my UAE group mates, this questions is for you.

What is the best business to start at UAE with small investment now a days. Any specific idea would be appreciated.

no reply..

You asked a very generic question.  Don't be surprised if there is no reply.

Highlight what you want to do, the investment you want to make, the time you can devote to this etc etc.  Don't expect people to comment and give ideas if you don't put effort and details into your request.

And remember, to start a business within GCC, there a lot of requirements to comply with re: CR, office or address rental etc - which makes starting a business as an expat expensive.  Much easier for a local.

what is your expertise
u know the market??

It all depends on the budget you have, your field of expertise, your appetite for risk, etc..

My field of Experience is IT and Information security. Any suggestions?

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