Pre Marriage Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) Assessment

I am Indian and my girl friend from Singapore.I applied for Pre-Marriage Long Term Visit Pass Assessment during middle of last month when I was in Singapore and at the same time I applied for our ROM which is scheduled for next year February 2019. But my LTVP assessment has not been successful as I have received mail from ICA. Now my concern is will ICA allow me to visit Singapore for our ROM in February? Please help me with your views and suggest me how can I proceed further?

You can visit Singapore under visit pass for ROM. Now a days, even post marriage, getting LTVP is difficult. In your case, pre-marriage you are applying LTVP which was bound to be rejected.

Please be noted that there is no guarantee that post marriage you will get LTVP or LTVP plus (which allows you to work in Singapore). Good luck

Please what are the visa modalities of a foreigner who has engaged (married )an SG citizen ?

This question is borne out from your statement that LTVP is not guaranteed by marriage !

Thanks 🙏

He or she is entitled for LTVP (Long term visiting pass), if his or her spouse who is a Singaporean must have enough earnings to sponsor the LTVP. If the spouse doesn’t have earnings or very less earnings then the foreign spouse can only stay legally if he or she got a work pass which allows to work and stay in Singapore.

Just curious to know, what’s the purpose of asking multiple questions (all are different to others) in various threads? Are you doing any research on Singapore law or trying to gather information then see which one will be suitable for you to follow?

Surya, your clarifications are appreciated.
And your presumptions about me are in the affirmative ..

the first is, but just a passive research and not an active one  ( I’m thrilled at the concept and dynamism underpinning their labor laws )
The last presumption  is an absolute one

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