El Niño 2019

Surf-warning signs are being posted on most of Ecuador's beaches .. as damage has started to occur up and down the coast in advance of an El Niño weather phenomenon.  Meteorologists foresee an El Niño developing in February 2019.

Christmas-weekend damage caused by waves and flooding took out a few boardwalks and piers in Esmeraldas province in the North of the country.  Some homes and businesses are reported severely damaged or destroyed in El Oro province in the South.

Since the last El Niño several years ago, Ecuador's oceanographic institute has warned that some high-rise condo buildings in oceanfront cities including Manta and Salinas may have to be abandoned as uninhabitable due to rising sea levels caused by the future confluence of El Niños and global climate change.

Source:  www.cuencahighlife.com

https://www.eltelegrafo.com.ec/noticias … 7F2jhWuVBs

Nice waves, but they be breakin too close to shore.  El Nino on the ring of fire can be difficult.  Much better than Indonesia.

Im north of Manta and the waves the last week have been amazing. I am staying right on the ocean but the sea wall has been solid here. I have seen properties here destroyed this week because their sea wall was compromised by the pounding. Today's beach walk will be interesting to see what is still there and what has been destroyed during the last 2 high tides. Beach erosion has caused many of the properties the most problem. What was once a nice setback for their homes has now put them in a precarious location with the waved undermining there homes. Its supposed to be back somewhere normal tides in a couple days.  Today's 5:51 PM high tide is supposed to be the highest and it will slowly go down the next few days.


Heavy rainfall has been persisting along most of the Ecuador coast in the first two weeks of 2019.  The emergency management agency of government, SNGRE, is asking coastal provinces to prepare for an El Niño year, with a prediction at 90 percent for such an eventuality.

Preparations against heavy rainfall, flooding and landslides are getting underway.

Although the intensity of the probable El Niño is not stated, it is known that previous El Niños in the last two decades have caused massive destruction of buildings and structures in coastal Ecuadorian communities.

source: www.cuencahighlife.com


Heavy weekend rains inundated hundreds of homes in Los Ríos province .. and the province has been designated high-risk for El Niño 2019 .. added to previously-cited coastal provinces on the list. 

source... www.cuencahighlife.com

With El Niño apparently forming for February in Ecuador .. and air traffic controllers/TSA workers calling in sick for shifts in the USA during the unending "government shutdown" in the USA, February appears to be an especially poor time to contemplate Ecuador travel from the North.


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