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Need some advice.

I am flying into Punta Cana on Dec 30.  Be here for about a week.  I have an old unlocked IPhone that I would like to get a SIM card for calls only.  Don't need data.  I have T-Mobile on my regular phone.

I need it to make calls in the DR and it would also be nice to be able to call US but not necessary.

Any suggestions?

El Capitan

there  are zillions of cellphone stores in any town  you might go to. you can get a sim card from them.

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I am pretty certain from memory there are Claro/Altice outlets at PUJ airport just after the taxi stands on arrival. Look out for them and buy a sim there and top up.

Simple, get a sim card & # from one of the providers, about 6 bucks, buy some peso minutes, ( no need to get a monthly program,0 load Whatsapp & you are golden! Cheap & easy. Save your original card if so desired.   I've been using Orange/ Altice or 16 years, no regrets, just the occasiona normal bumps in the road.  Welcome and come in, the water is warm.l

I got Claro, cost me $4 USD for 5 days, voice and data, card included.


Or --
get the T-Mobile travel option.... 20-21cents/minute , about the same as Claro.

I use it all the time ... no need for local  number unless you want it

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