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I would like to know ,recently some of My known relatives blaming me for familly dispute regarding financial case wrote in one community Facebook page with My photo and saying all about bad things,i got who created that community page i asked him to remove it But he refused According to him as a admin he says he couldnt remove and still is on that page ,i have already complain to police But Because if holidays Takes long time for My further interview ,so i just want to know if anyone help me How could i proceed this matter and i am too worried Coz of not removing by admin more person Will visit and see it
Please kindly advice me ,also is it not right to remove such kind of things by admin

Hey Raghu,
I am Ara. I can understand that this is a kind of hard situation to handle and I do not know what to say I do not even have a facebook account. I am only trying to show my support to you. Please read this  https://polisen.se/utsatt-for-brott/oli … tt/nathat/  I could not find it in English. It says among other things that you should report to the police asap and save all possible evidence in digital form. Take it easy and be strong!

Hey finn bo
Thanks for your mail ,i have already complained to police But According to them the just follow it ,they are not very much Serious such kind of things But one thing i want to know i have asked to remove that stuff from community face book to admin i mean the site who run But he refused According to him any one can post in page ,i dont think it is Good answer from him yes Ofcourse any one can post like information and others stuff not about private person personal life do you think i can take action against admin along with that site liggaly,
Do you have any knowledge
Thank you once again friend

Hej vännen,
Well Facebook related cyber violations are actually a very wide spectrum. I sometimes think Facebook it self is a typ of violation  :D
Sorry bro I do not know much about that area. But anyone can make a police complain against anyone more or less on anything. Then the police usually try to avoid getting unreasonable complains but you can at least try to scare this admin man that you are considering to make a complain against him because according to your own point of view this situation is offensive even though unfortunately this admin man is unable to see it in that way.  A lawyer has more power in case like this but they are expensive. All the best min vän.

https://www.facebook.com/help/community … 2044665915

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