Wifi providers in Sosua/Puerto Plata

Background: I will be staying in the Dominican republic for two months on an extended vacation but will be working from home. I need uninterrupted internet access. Found out about a week ago at the location that I will be staying at no longer provides free Wi-Fi.

After looking around in the multiple forum post I was unable to find information about recommendations for wifi providers in the Sosua/Puerto Plata area. My friend who is a local was able to provide me with a couple of options but I was hoping to hear feedback from the group as to the reliability of the services. I purchased a globally enable mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that I will be bringing with me. The way I understand it is that I purchase a SIM card from a local company (Claro, Orange, etc) and there I have my unlimited, uninterrupted, private Wi-Fi ... That easy???  :/

Not sure of "temporary" service. Just make sure whatever you get has plenty of bandwidth to be able to do work. Some of the portable hotspot devices only provide low download and upload speeds (sometimes less than 1 mgps. That wouldn't be good for you doing work on a computer unless you're just checking emails and looking at a couple of web sites.

Thanks for the tip. The one I purchased is 150, so I should good.

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