S pass rejected Dec 2018

Hi there,

I recently got my EP approved but my husband's S pass was rejected. The only feedback from MOM is that 'This candidate will not granted a work pass, please look for another candidate'
He is a network engineer with 5 years experience and the salary offered is SGD 4,500. This is an internal transfer whereby his company is transferring him to the SG branch. His company also has an S pass quota.

Without any further info from MOM, it is hard to make an appeal as we have no idea whatsoever on the reason for rejection.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

The employer can contact MoM and ask for clarification or a meeting with the processing officer.
Although the rejection wording does not fit, I suspect that (if he has a university degree) low salary and S-Pass instead of EP are the reason.

Thanks for your reply Beppi!

His HR did contact MOM whereby the officer replied 'it could be due to education' but he has a bachelor degree in IT and some professional IT certifications (cisco). The HR called a second time and another officer said that there is no point to appeal and that the problem is with the candidate itself, no problem with education or position or salary. But he does not have any adverse record and never been denied entry in SG.
His company now hired an agent/lawyer firm to look into the appeal. Do you know if that might help?

Agents/lawyers cannot help and are often counterproductive, since MoM does not like deling with them. But I guess you have nothing to lose.
Better make alternative plans for the case that he cannot work in Singapore, as the situation doesn’t look hopeful.

Hi there

I have a smilar rejection reason as your husband due to profile issue.
I dont have any missconduct record previous or ever been in any issue to enter singapore.
Would you please share with us what’s the outcome here?
I am kind of lost with this profile issue thing before could go for appealing process

Thank you


Sure I will share the outcome once we have it but it might take a while - a month or longer depending on how fast we can get it.

Did you have any difficulty when filling the form? One of the reasons could be that the form has been wrongly filled. Also, have you held a working visa in another country before?

Hi Beppi,

After reading several posts online, a lot of the comments mentioned to submit all Educational Certificates. While my husband did submit everything to his HR, his HR however did not send to MOM because according to her, she should only send if MOM asks for it.

Given that MOM does not really provide feedback, do you think we should submit those educational certs in the appeal? Could not hurt right?

Thank you again for all your valuable advice.

It’s obvious that if you declare A, B, C, D education in your application form then you MUST have to provide the evidence.

If you don’t declare in your application then you no need to show any proof. But, it has to be consistent. You simply can’t declare one education then next time when you apply then just ignore. This will draw negative perception at MoM.

Now, you should know whether your husband did follow the above way to declare his education at MoM or not. Good luck

Hi Surya,

Many thanks for your reply but I think you might have misunderstood me. What I meant was that his HR said that there is no need to submit any educational certificates, and these only have to be provided if MOM asks for them. So my husband did provide all certs to his HR but his HR did not send those to MOM when applying for workpass.

Now in the appeal, we are thinking of submitting those certs to MOM as additional documents. Basically we are trying to figure out what kind of additional documents should we provide since we are really unsure of the reasons for the rejection.

Thank you!

In general, at the time of submission, you can submit the educational certificate soft copies.

But, if his HR categorically said no need to submit, that means MoM system has already his documents from past declaration, unless there are some additional documents which you want to declare first time. OR, there could be possibility that HR might have submitted his educational documents which he had provided to HR at the time of accepting offer letter.

As you said, it’s still unclear about the reason of rejection. I would suggest his employer should reach out MoM for more clarification rather submitting documents which may or may not be the reason. Once MoM provides an indication (if not detailed reason) then address to the issue and appeal immediately in order to see a positive response from MoM. Good luck

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that his S-Pass finally got approved and wanted to share the learnings.

Instead of appealing, the company submitted a whole new application. The only difference in this second application is that they did not click the box with says "Educational certificates submitted" which was clicked in the first application.

It took a total of 7 weeks for the pass to get the approved. But good to note that last week the company called MOM where the receptionist said given the long period of waiting, they will escalate the matter to the officer in charge. A week later, we received the approval :)

Good luck everyone and be patient - it is a long waiting process!

Hi sir
Currently I am in work permit holder 3.6 years of working experience in Singapore  .  My company is applied s pass for me . It's got rejected due to sudden increase of high salary .  If we want to reapeal mom asks some documents like job scope , last 3 months pay slip . account details. And reason for increment . My company is going to reapeal to mom with all this document .

My question is if my company submit all the documents means it's got approval  or any other negative reaso

GkarthikG@#£: you posted the same message on the forum TWICE and sent it to me (and possibly others?) as private message.
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Agreed with Beppi, I too received his PM. I have noticed many expats sending PM, when I suggest to post in the forum, they usually say that they don’t know how to post or can’t see the send button.

As we are volunteering this forum to help our expats, we intend to discuss each & every topic in the public forum so that it will reach to everyone.

Now, coming back to your query, we have responded few times already. I would suggest to spend time to go through old threads.

In short, your employer has to provide valid rationale on your salary hike, reason for hiring you and how the locals didn’t fit into this job skills. Without valid rationale, MoM may not give a positive response on appeal. Good luck

Sorry for the pm. Thank you for your answer . I am  working in work permit  that same company will apply s-pass for me . I mean just convert from work permit to s-pass . My monthly average salary around 2000$  . For S-pass application is 2800$. In this case also mom not giving a positive reply is it?

Sorry sir...

You need to understand the requirements at MoM. Once your employer is applied for S pass, they have to prove that they had tried locally for the open position and couldn’t get skilled manpower locally so that they hired you. Secondly, they need to prove that your offered salary is as per the market standard. Thirdly, your employer must have S pass quotas before applying.

Any deviation to these above points, MoM will reject. If your employer won’t correct the real reason on why your pass got rejected, then appeal won’t give you positive response from MoM. Good luck

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