Move and work in canada

Hello everyone,my name is Vasilis and I’m from Greece and I want to immigrate in Canada and I have some questions if you can answer.
I find a website who calls solid visa who told me to help me to take a visa and travel to Canada and I can stay for 3 years.
I want to ask you if it’s secure to give money at this program?
Did you know something for them?
Can I travel,stay and work in Canada without give extra unsecured money ?
All this procedure can I do myself in cooperation with the embassy of Canada?
If someone know or do before I want to help my.

Watch out for dodgy visa sites - There are plenty of scammer after your money


The process of immigrating to Canada can be daunting and overwhelming for the majority of aspiring immigrants. Many turn to "professional" agents and agencies to help facilitate their immigration applications.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Having an immigration agent or agency does NOT improve your chances of successfully immigrating to Canada.

In almost all cases, you can apply for Canadian immigration on your own.

Please visit the official Canadian government website for Immigration and Citizenship: … nship.html

Hi there,

I am from Scotland and did the whole process myself via CICs website, I applied for Permanent Residency through the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programme, it was time consuming and at times a little bit complicated, however, I found the staff at PNP very helpful, and I managed to do everything myself and saved a lot of money in the process (you just pay each application fee directly to CIC/PNP).

I would say have a look at all the information/application forms yourself first, download them and fill them out, see what info you need to gather/documents etc, the guide is very good. If you do a form incorrectly, they will send it back to you (this happened to me once) and it adds a bit of time, however at least you know exactly what is going on with your application, because its you that's doing it, also you will be given log in details so you can check the status of your application at anytime yourself.

Hope this helps.

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