Need EWA Bill for CPR adddress update

Hi Friends,

I'm Qamar, Mechanical engineer from India working as Technical Teacher in Bahrain.
So far i was living in Manama having electricity under my name.
The procedure for updating address in your CPR, you have to have electricity in your name or your friend's EWA bill along with decleration stating that you are living with him. With this they will update address as in EWA.
So far i have given my EWA Bill to more then 6 friends and 4 friends of friends who updated their addresses and there was no issue.
Now from next week i'm shifting to Moharraq near Casino Garden in a Flat with electricity. So i'm not going to have electricity Bill.
I need someone from moharraq who can give me his EWA Bill so that i can easily make update in address of CPR.
I have tried seeking help from few guys but they refused, now i'm trying this platform if anyone gentle here.

What you did ie sharing EWA bill with false declaration is not legal. And if municipality ever checks, you will be in trouble.

I personally know of some cases where they spotted many people having same address on cpr and did checks which led to penalties. Its really playing with your luck especially since you have given it to 10 people. All it will take is one problem ie court case, accident, security check and you are done for.

I highly doubt anyone here would do that same illegal action for you without even knowing you.

by the way i gave EWA + declaration because i was sharing my Flat with them.
3 friends
they left my flat
another 3 friends
they left ...

... later 2 + 2 (friends of friends) came in

how can this be illegal ?

You didn't mention that before. And they are supposed to update when they leave. But what you are asking for now is illegal ie asking someone to give you EWA without living with them.

Hi Friends,

My close friend who is in Manama needs to update new address in his CPR.EWA Bill is in the name of his room met.Is there any  standard declaration form in municipality to declare he stays with him?.or can he write in a white paper stating that he is living with him?

White paper ok.  CPR number and signature needed.  As well as copy of CPR.

Hi XTang,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

HELLO kumar,
did you get your CPR address updated ?

Last year, I had warned about the legality of the practice referred to by the original poster.  Now, we have some cases coming to the forum. … 98#4679335

His issue is very different from that of the OP but this just goes to show that you shouldn't mess around with the address on your CPR through false EWA declarations or lease agreements - they WILL and ARE checking.

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