Cambodian Tourist Visa Limit

I’ve been in Cambodia since July.
I got a one month visa when I got here and another one month visa after that.
Then I got a 2 month EB Visa. I wanted to renew for another month but the woman at Billabong Visa Service in Kampot said I will have to do a visa run. Will  they give me a tourist 1 month visa at the border since I’ve got two already I’m wandering if they’ll allow another one?

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Hi Natasha Sprules,

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Dear Natasha Sprules.

Your story is full of errors .

Please think and write again, but the truth.

I would like to help you but I cannot do that based on your erratic story.

E.g. there is no such thing as a 2 month EB extension, extensions are 1, 3, 6 and sometimes 12 months.

Extensions are only possible on an Ordinary visa, which cannot be extended for 1 month.

Tourist visas can be extended once for one month, that's it.

So please reorganize yourself and write the correct story, so that I can help you.

Best regards.

Cambodia expert team

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