Housing wanted for newly arrived low-income expat

Arrived in Vacamonte mid-December 2018.  Return flight back to Florida scheduled for end of March 2019 (BUT, will delay return if needed)

In the past year, I have read that rental-housing can be found in places of Panama for $300 or so; yet, in my brief internet search since my arrival, have found nothing that inexpensive.

I am a 73-year-old male, living on my Social Security; so, I must keep my lodging cost as low as possible.

Would like to know where to scout for retirement housing.

Is there any possibility (rental or house-sitting) for within Chagres National Park; El Valle de Anton; Sante Fe; Las Tablas; Pedasi; David; Boquete; Volcan; Bocas del Toro Province; or anywhere else?

All suggestions and assistance will be appreciated... yes, what I need is an ExPat sponsor.

Not sure how to communicate, as I wrote an earlier forum post with my email address only to have it deleted due to prohibition of contact info in a posting.  I don't yet have a phone that works in Panama; but, I have Wi-Fi at the hostel where I'm staying.

Best Holiday Wishes,


where are you right now i would have taken you to my farm to stay a few days and you could have left things there to move more freely i am online now   if you are there answer me now

Did you find a place to rent yet.....?

Thank you for your reply.  I am still lodging at a hostel in El Cangrejo; however, I found the house of my dreams in Cerro Azul.

The problem is so frustrating... I commited to s trial three month lease, provided enough references so that the house owner told the Real Estate agent to complete the lease.  I pulled out my Visa card and the agent actually laughed in my face, with the admonishment that in Panama they only deal in cash.

I have several hundred in cash; but, who carries  $1,400 in cash?

So, I tried to open a Pamama bank account... Did you know you need an "established" residency in order to open a bank account in Panama?  How is that for a "Catch 22"?

I have emailed my Regions bank in Florida to request setting up of a bank transfer; so, maybe I will live in my dream house one day soon.

If anyone can help in furnished lodging within or close to the city, I certainly would be appreciative.

Best wishes to all,
Robert Torbert
(formally of Florida)

Yep cash is golden. I just bought a car and was able to wire the money. It was so fast I was amazed - like 3 hrs .
There are atms but my bnk only does $500 at s time. I pull out every two weeks to keep about that in cash just in case.
Capital one does not charge for O/S  usage where my PNC does.   I was able to pay my ins with credit card and the panapass  cash. I pay my phone cash on the counters but cable onda online with CC. Just have to be prepared. FYI if you did not hear- papal visit 23rd. /28 Of Jan. Mayhem !  Get your water pills. Peanuts butter n jelly. They will come and consume all until they leave .  Get cash .

My hyUsband n I have furnished lodging, and live about 40 min. From
The city. If you are interested contact us at alwaysstraightupatgmail.com
Have photos.

Many thanks.  An email will be sent shortly, indicating my interest.

Best regards,
Robert Torbert

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