Egyptian men’s experience

I know that some of you are getting tired of the whole “married to an Egyptian” topic. Instead of posting some negative comments I hope you just move along from this post.

Now, a little bit about myself.
I am engaged to a good Egyptian man.
I’m christian, he is Muslim.
We are the same age and have quite the similar view on life in general. I’m not asking for advice on whether I should marry him or not, but I would be very interested in hearing from the Egyptian men who are married to foreign women.
What is your experience in this matter?
What makes your relationship work when we take culture differences and religion in consideration? What difficulties do you face in your everyday life with your spouse that you feel is linked to the fact that you come from different parts of the world?
Any advice is most welcomed regarding what two people from different culture, country and religion needs to take in consideration when getting married.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post :)

My first remark after living abroad (am Egyptian) and traveling is that we (humans) have same feelings (love, attention, anger, fear, jealousy, ..) but we express it in so many different ways depending on our culture and experience in life. So, sometimes we need to understand the feeling behind the act, which may differ from what we are used to, and if we disagree with the act not the feeling we should mention it clearly, and give some time.
Second remark, we are unconsciously used to consider our culture and standards as the laws of the universe or “international standards” to mesure other, so we tend sometimes to “upgrade” our partners to our standards! Then disputes regarding our common values. But it is different from sharing values (first reason to be in love or appreciate someone), and rather related to “living” such values in a certain cultural “context”. For example, clothes in certain context can be symbol of freedom for one partner which may be sign of respect for the other; hence understanding what value in which context may avoid much troubles. Discuss and encourage your partner to discuss and express if he/she is uncomfortable with it healthy for long and happy relationship, even though it is small or minor in your opinion.

Good luck

Thank you for your thoughts Masrawy. You make some good points, and i appreciate your advice.

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