Belizean (born and raised and here to help)

I simply want to offer help in any way I can to anyone who needs it. 

My name is Reggie and As mentioned I am a belizean. My family and I have had many experiences with working with and helping people who come from foreign countries including places like England, US, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador,Honduras, Mexico, Jamaica, Canada and other places

I have read a few posts on this forum and I am truly sorry on behalf of the belizean representation here. There seems to be a lot of negativity.

As I said before I am a local simply wanting to help ( because i am tired of seeing people from other countries being taken advantage of financially)

Blessings to you all

Thanks Reggie. Where in belize do you live?

I luve in Cayo

Wer are moving to Ambergris caye on the spring. Thanks for reaching out.

I have family in san pedro. It is a very nice place to retire and enjoy.

There is a guy known as C's he is the GO-to guy for business...  He is known for being an honest worker who actually gets things done. He has business associates in many departments for ex. Furniture business, resorts and hotels, maintenance, he buys and sells whatever u need.

I would gladly give u his contact info if u need

Nice to meet you Reggie... thanks for the offer who should I contact around San Ignacio to build an 8 x 12 x 4 concrete and tile plunge pool?

Thank you for being honest.. my husband and I live on $1000.00 here in Ohio. and we are wanting to try to find a place in Belize that we can live a nice quiet lifestyle on that income. He is on SSI disability here and we are just ready to come down there and make a new life for ourselves.  Where would you suggest we look to either rent a 2 bedroom apartment or small 2 bedroom home.. Corozal seems like it would be the perfect place.  Maybe you could give us a good explanation of what is would cost us.. Once again, thank you for being honest.

Reggie: Thanks for your posting.
I am planning to relocate to San Ignacio  soon..  Very specifically, where (names of areas/developments would be a very nice place to live in San Ignacio for a two bedroom apartment or house?
Thank you for \your reply.


When are yall leaving the US?
Driving thru Mexico?

Im in middle Tennessee and have had plans time and time again for moving into Belize.

I'd be happy to talj with you more on email or phone.

Let me know..;)

Jeff Bailey

San Ignacio has a new development over the last couple of years very eco-friendly and close to the Maya Mountain Resort. I Believe the property is owned by the same man, Bart. That might be a good place to look..

Not to burst anyone's bubble but $1000 per month may not be enough even if you can get a low prices rental. I am not personally familiar with Corozal  as a living destination but many posters here claim it is relatively inexpensive.
Transport costs are a lot higher than in the US, Gas over $5 a gallon, and Belize roads reduce the life expectancy of any vehicle by at least 50%. The public transport is cheap but we are talking chicken busses. Either QRP which requires an income of $2k a month or going for residency, have fees and the resdiency will cost $25us per person per month for the fist six months and $50us per person every month after that, which is 10% of you budget before rental or other household costs.

terrific, even if you are bursting someones bubble, you are doing them a big favor via this wake-up call.

I am not sure why this same subject is in mutable threads, the answer/reality is still going to be same. $1k/month for two people will not work long term for north Americans in Belize.

Please see my recent reply here: … 62#4443716

I should also add, two people in the USA with an income well below the poverty line, have  assistance resources available to them from government agencies and charities that are simply NOT available to them in Belize.

Hello Reggie, Thanks for your offer of assistance. I will be coming to Belize 24 April 2019. I'm starting with Corozal for three months then Hopkins/Sittee, I'll also check out San Ignacio too before I decide where I'd like to settle. I will be in touch.

Hello Reggie,
Thank you for your post and your kind offer of assistance. I currently live in Australia and planning to move to Belize (this year).  At the moment, my first inquiry is regarding accommodation. Any suggestions? If you have a few minutes, perhaps a Skype chat would be preferable to introduce ourselves to each other. Please, let me know if you would like to catch up online. Thank you again for your time and courtesy.
Best regards,

Hi Reggiie,

Thanks for reaching out.  I wish I would have known you before I purchased my property in Belize.  I am almost done but, it seems like I hired two of the worst attorneys in Belize (based on my experience). The experience has been so bad I had to hire an American attorney to oversee the Belizean attorneys.  What a waste of my money.  It has been so expensive and so painful that I am triple guessing my decision to relocate to Belize.  The general feeling I have is, if you are a foreigner there is an assumption you have money and the end game is to rip off the foreigner.  However, I am smart enough to know my property buying experience does not represent the whole country nor is indicative of my future experiences but, I must confess my first experience had given me pause.  Ha ha haa.

Thanks alot,,, we are planning on coming in the next year to year in a half... We are looking at Corozal district.  How is it living there.. we are going to rent, and would like a 2 bedroom apt or even a house if it not too expensive... what kind of advice can you give me..

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