denied visa to Canada

So I am Canadian and just married 2 months to Brazilian living here in Brazil as waiting to return or thinking we could ,,,,,,,last year 2017 he applied for visa to come visit me was denied ,,,ok I understand that ,,,because of reasons ,,,but now we are married and Im sponsering him and he just get denied again???like really,,,So is there anyone directly I can speak with about this ?Can they really keep him out ?no hes not criminal,,no convictions,,,he works,,,he has university degree, im his sponser ,,,
Any advise greatly appreciated ,,,,



Citizenship and Immigration Canada would have sent an official letter of rejection to your Brazilian husband. The letter provides the reason or reasons for his visa denial.

Yes he did receive one but the reasons are totally not reson enough for him to visit,but yes all I feel is why its such a big reason no one can go without my knowledge of this ,,,who's communist here ?Canada is accepting over thousands of immigrants this year,,,for the government paying wages for them and I cant even bring my husband whom I would be supporting ?its Something wrong somewhere ,,,Is there no appeal action ?
Thank you

What are the reason or reasons they provided?

In most cases you cannot appeal an official letter of rejection. But you can always submit a new application + visa fee.

Looks weird eh?

Yes, Canada wants immigrants. Brings in enormous numbers and supports them on arrival. It is making Canada world-famous. But these facts, when mixed up with the immigration policies of other countries, creates false impressions.

For example, the importance of familial relationships is de-emphasized for Canada (though there may be changes coming in this area..but don't hold your breath. Changes take years).  Outside of asylum cases, most of the criteria involve the potential benefit to the Canadian society and economy, not to the applicants. You see, no matter how large the annual immigration goal, there are always far more applicants. So some culling criteria is necessary. And any criteria will be seen as cruel.

There is another discrete reason for this. Proper immigration is good for any country. But we live in xenophobic times where common sense does NOT reign. But these times do not affect Canada as much because it is obvious the accepted immigrants improve the Canadian community. Actually, current immigrants are raising the Canadian IQ and skill base.

The United States has an immigration system that greatly favors familial connects. Big business there.

If I were you, I would  make an appointment with the local immigration office. Bring a copy of the rejection letter with you.

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