Looking for an opportunity to work in Bangkok

Hi All,

I am Sanath from India ,I am really looking out for an opportunity to work in Bangkok related to textile or IT sector as I have experience in both the field. I am unsure how difficult it would be to find in textile sector without knowing the local language.I am giving all my level best to apply .Hoping for the best !!

See the above posted "List of Prohibited Jobs for westerners in Thailand" thread.

You'll find many Indian tailors in Bangkok and other touristy areas of Thailand. They might be able to tell you more on how to get a job in this field. Unfortunately, you'll have to have a problem with your visa, as a certain amount of income is mandatory.

   No idea how good your IT skills are, so there'll hopefully be others who are more knowledgable. Please be aware that Thais, in general, do not really like Indians that much.

    Best of luck finding a suitable position!

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