EP rejection & subsequent appeal

Hello everyone,

I just got a rejection notification for my Employment Pass from the MoM. The reason stated is :

"We have noted a significant increase in the declared salary compared to the candidate's previous applications. This salary does not match with his/her credentials"

Some information about me:

Old salary $4750
New salary $7000
Total experience - 8 years
Experience in Singapore - 2 years

Two questions here:
1. What is the turnaround time for an appeal?
2. Clearly, the salary increase is the issue, would you recommend reducing the salary by $1000( to $6000 per month) help in a better outcome?
3. Is designation ever an issue since my previous roles are Sales and Business Development. However, this role was offered to me as 'Head of Marketing'?

Thanks and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

If you read our older post, you will come to know that anything suspicious would draw immediate attention to MoM.

In your case, you have to justify that your previous salary was under paid and current salary is as per market standard.

Reducing salary by the same employer would draw further suspicion that why an employer reduced salary for the same position? Whether the earlier offered salary was genuine?

Without proper explanation would have no impact on appeal. Good luck


Really appreciate your response here. Thank you.

I second what Surya wrote above: It is not advisable to appeal with a lower salary - instead, the employer should explain the jump in responsibilities, job scope and hierarchical level (compared to your previous job) that makes your new job worth so much more to them.

If a new employer now applies for an EP at a later point say 1-2 months later, will my prior result have an impact on the new application outcome?

Thanks :)

Every application is evaluated on its own merit. If the rejection reason is still present then it will be rejected. If not, it might be approved.

Thanks, you guys are such pros!

Hey @Ashriv, caught in a similar situation here.
Current salary 4900
New salary 7000
EP rejected.
Wanted to know if it's worth appealing ?
I was asked to provide salary slips bank statements for old salary as well a justification letter from new company for salary increase.

What was the decision on your EP appeal ?



I am so sorry for the delayed response. I barely check back here anymore.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't have direct knowledge of whether it's best to appeal or not appeal. In my case, my employer then decided not to appeal the rejection.

But I have heard that most appeals do get overturned if approached with logic.

Good luck and sorry I could be of little help!

Thanks for helping out mate !
My company has put in the appeal, in the meantime I got another offer from an investment bank for an even higher salary. Though I did not accept their offer, When I explained my situation to the HR, she said that if the justification is solid and bulked up, the appeal is usually overturned. Waiting for the result... Fingers crossed.

Happy to help, good luck!

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