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My husband and I intend to relocate to another country and as required by Belgian authorities, he needs to be deregistered from the population register at the Gemeente. He is Belgian and i have a resident card which expires in 2023. Once we both leave the country, will my resident card be cancelled as iam told he needs to surrender his national identity card to the Gemeente? We would like to visit Belgium occassionally while living abroad and i wanted to know if i could still use the card without having to apply for short term visa each time we travel.

I will appreciate feedback from any member who may have information,

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Do not worry, it's a classic process.

Belgian law specifies that if you have decided to reside more than six months in a foreign country, you must inform the municipal administration of the city where you live. This administration will remove the list of people living in the municipality. Your file will be transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will state that you will live abroad.

As soon as you are abroad, you must go to the local Belgian embassy to register officially. This registration will be sent to the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Concerning your case, you are surely in possession of a card F reserved for the foreign members of a Belgian. So, as long as you stay with him, the situation will not change. You will retain the same rights and duties.

Hello Phipiemar,

Thank you for taking time to respond to my inquiry and thank you for the useful information. It is such a relief that i can retain the same rights and duties.

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