Adding newborn to yellow slip(family visa)

I got a yellow slip(family Visa) for my wife and daughter last week. Since my wife's 2nd delivery is after 3 months, I wanted to know if I could add the newborn to the existing yellow slip(family Visa) and then bring them all at once to Saudi?

What are the options available for me in this case.
Please help me out with this.


Hi Shariff, can you please share whether you were able to add the newborn to an existing yellow slip. I am in a similar situation and i am getting conflicting advice. Please share your experience.

I ended up bringing my pregnant wife and my elder kid here. And I planned the delivery over here. Post delivery I started the work of making birth certificate and iqamah for the newborn.

Hope this helps you.

ok thanks. Do you know however what the process would have been if your wife gave birth abroad, or you still haven't got the answer to your original question?

I haven't yet received an answer to my query.

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