Bulgarians in Kuwait

Hello , My name is Ahatya , expat in Kuwait

I would like to ask about how can Bulgarian person come to Kuwait for work in the Medical field ?

Thanks in advance

Hello.Bulgarian can find job using some agency, also can contact directly in hospitals or clinic, all contacts in internet.
One beaty clinic answer me after 3 mouths , after I send resume, but I already found contract in other hospital.

Thanks for your informative reply 😊🌹

There are lot of vacancies in medical field in Kuwait.  But don't go through agencies, because they can promise one thing and deliver something else. Check for Jobs on Bayt.com and also search on google for clinics and hospitals and apply directly on their websites. I am not sure about the pay but nurses from Europe and America complain about pay here. Even doctors in some reputed hospitals do. Once you have a job you can ask your embassy (if they help) for employer verification or you can ask for help on websites like this or internations.com. All the best with your search. I just joined, so my feedback may not be relevant.

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