Depandent pass for my American husband.

Moving back to Kenya with my family.  We are planning to apply for Kenyan citizenship for my husband and one of the requirements is a depandent pass. How do I go about getting a dependent pass for my husband? Will I need to show proof of employment to apply for depandent pass?
Any advice on the matter would be appreciated.

Your husband qualifies for citizenship through marriage to a Kenyan (Provided you've been married for a minimum of three years). Your husband will need to have some kind of immigration status before he applies for citizenship. Such status may be either a dependent pass or any category of Work Permit. I'd advise you to pursue a Work Permit as opposed to a dependent pass. This is because a holder of a dependent pass is barred from engaging in any economic activity.

From personal experience though, a work permit isn't particularly straight forward to obtain, particularly in the current climate where foreigners work permits are being scrutinised heavily.  I further understand that work permits can no longer be applied for from within Kenya.

For a Dependent Pass, you will need to show evidence that you have an income that can support you both, but as posted above, he wouldn't be permitted to work.  How would he respond to this?

The Class G Permit may be worth looking into, if you have funds of at least $100,000 to invest in Kenya and set up a business there.  For many, these stringent requirements lock many out of applying for this type of permit.

The citizenship application process is lengthy - well over a year as I understand it.

Incidentally; when my wife approached Immigration about my status, she was informed that she should apply for a Dependents Pass, or a Class K permit.

hi lydia, im also looking for depedants pass in kenya for my husband. but im getting so many challenges and different advices.
if you dont mind sent me a notification andi will respond and we can talk more and share more in box.

It is interesting that when I applied for depended pass for my husband, because it was not the norm, that they asked for my source of income to support him... But they did not require for a kenyan man asking for dependent pass for wife... :(... That was 9years ago....

That may have been possible then. The has been a lot of development at the Dept of Immigration since. The biggest being a upgrade to an electronic platform (eFNS). The system is basically more efficient but the requirements are very stringent.

Tick all the YES boxes on the checklist and it's smooth sailing more or less. Should it fail there are appeal mechanisms available.

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