Residencia renewal - actual process

This is something I should probably get started on too.  I sent an email to the attorney mentioned above (Lily) and it bounced back.  (Yes, I put the [at] in there!).  Does anyone have any other contact info?  Thanks.

Yes, here is her phone and Whatsapp: 1-809-860-1231

Thank you!


The Goverment Site states :
The first Permanent Resident Card is for 1 Year
after that the Permanent Residency is for 4 Years.
If you stay on a Permanent Visa like me for over 10 Years renovadet on Time you can apply for
a Residencia DEFINITIVA  and this one is for 10 Years also the Cedula
But watch ! You have to do it on Time or the Cedula do Cost you a Fortune
I did pay 3000 Pesos for 10 Years .
I did ask why I have to pay only 3000 and I got answered ; because you did renovate before your Docs have been Expired . REMEMBER the Day you go to pay and recieve your Residencia has to be some Days ahead of the Expiering Date and you will see the Difference when it comes to the Cost of the Cedula .

You are very on point - being late will cost you more per day!!! 

Th e new system makes it easier.

Can anyone comment on what I just read in a tourism article

“Much of the credit for rising retirement tourism goes to the government of this country who has released a special residential program for pensioners receiving a minimum $1500 per month. On approval of documents, the applicant can receive a permanent residency status immediately skipping the provisional 5-year residential visa.”

The article goes on to state that dependants can also be included at a charge of $250 per month.

I’m not sure if this is new information, inaccurate or just something that I missed.

It is true....from everything I hear

The fastest way in , some say

The fastest Way in is the investors Visa but a Retirement Visa or permit it is not . The Case is a retirement visa is easier because this Person has no Work permit , That is why retirement . or Permiso para Penionados. It is different o the Investors Visa where the investor after 6 month legal stay is able to become neutaralised . Naturalisado . Only a marriage with a Dominican can bring similar result.

I am told this is correct. That the fast way for.most and supposedly easiest is the " pensioners visa". Which takes you quickly to permanent visa status but not citizenship.

This has been an option for a few years now.  It requires US 1,500 of verifiable pension income for one, US 2,000 for a couple and each dependent allowed is an additional US 250  of monthly income.

An investor's residencia is a different animal.
A work visa is a totally different animal.

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