Charlemagne School

Does anyone remember Charlemagne School in Liege. It was a British Forces school. I was there 1979 to 1981. Is it still there.

Hi Steve, I was there too from circa 1971 - 1977 (?). The building is still there, but no longer Charlemagne (BFES) school. Great memories. Head Master at the time was Mr Jones - Family?. Are you sure about the years you attended? Nicolas ***

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Interested to hear from any British ex Forces kids who may have attended Charlemagne School in Liege.

I was there too during those years and remember Mr Jones! I actually arrived in Liege just before the school was built and we went to school in an old house until we could start there. I have photos somewhere of the official opening of Charlemagne by AVM Sir Michael Beetham and his wife Lady Beetham.

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