Shipping Company from DR to States

Ok soooooo we thought we were here for vacation but ended up building a house. Soooo sent some stuff down that was going to be used to furnish it as a rental and a vacation home. That got changed to ooops we are living here and now its changed again. We now have to return for school related issues for minimum of three years. Sooooo we need to ship SOME things back and are wondering ig there is a reliable company????? Anyone???? Thanks!!!

Oh my goodness!  I don't know any that ship back but will ask.

Please do.....there are things like our books and a couple of pieces of furniture that have to return....If they come here SHIPPERS they must also leave from here right????

The company we used to come here Shipping Quest was the worst ever or I would contact them again....

Thanks Planner....

Don't compound rash decisions upon one another. You want to ship? Be prepared to pay nasally. Search & ye shall find someone to send your stuff.  Furniture is just stuff, but books can mean business. You will find  an anwer to your problem. Check out Luchianos in Miami. Good luck & sorry that you have to leave

Gee Tinker she is searching- HERE!  She is using this network to ask. That is part of what we do.

Knowing her I am pretty sure she is using every means possible to find an answer.

Thanks Planner......Tinker not confortable explaining all the circunstances but Planner is aware of them. I don't make rash decisions. Too cautious a personality for that. I do sometimes make quick decisions but not before analyzing them well albeit quickly first. Some decisions must be made this way.

There are outside forces affecting some of my decisions...again Planner is aware. I must return and it was not forseen. The school we thought would be available is not. So I have to go back no option for that reason if no other. Regarding the furniture that has to return it belongs in my family and I have orders to bring it back. Most of our remaining furniture is already promised or gone to poor neighbors. I won't sell any of it to them. I believe in good Karma.

Sooooo yes have been researching outside of here but also know this group is here to help so am asking here too....


Exactly.  I am so sorry you have to go back honey!

It was unexpected Planner....Must say though one life lesson learned here is that life is like a river full of twist and turns....One must learn to navigate them well or capsize your little boat of life.....I am trying to learn to do that better each day. Surprises will come but best to go with the flow right? If we make it back we have learned many things to make the second attempt much smoother and less costly....

Great attitude. Sometimes our issues are not what happens but rather our inability to accept and work with it.  Does not always have to be a struggle!

Once again I have "Rushed To Judgement".  Sometimes I try to blame my blindness to others on my actual loss of vision. BUT, that is nothing more than a weak cop out.  I was so used to one way of living that I forgot that others have their own paths to be followed.  Trust me, it ain't easy being an idiot ass hole.  Though, I must say, that occasionally  bright flashes of insight may pop up in this ancient brain pan of mine.  Empathy for your travail.

We all have our moments Tinker.  Your current situation is a tough one. It cannot be easy for you, one he'll of an adjustment my friend.

Planner, I know where she is. many shipping companies in the U.S. have reciprical services here. Luciano has an office here to pick up & deliver  things shipped from there.  And a nice day to you too!

Thanks Planner and Tinker....No offense taken story is book worthy or so I have been told but no time to focus on that only on the living at this moment. Too busy/crazy for more.... I truly thought our life was going one direction but a nice curve showed up and well weighing my options and the consequences of each decision left me with only returning as best option. There must be a reason which I may or may not discover no matter this is the course we are on now. Trying to sell the house, find shipper then brace myself for life in the fast lane once again. Once more we will be "starting' over initially with family but then soon after new town and new faces. One way challenging and in another exciting....This is called Life....if your not experiencing stuff then you are probably dead....So Tinker I will research your company suggestion. If anyone has any others please let me know....Thank you.

Try Hispaniola Freight in SD....

shipping to the US is a tough one....
Montero....or ....

Why is it a tough one? If they come here they have to go back right????

Have alot of people trying to help me find the right company...


Ok my search for the suggested companies led me to one with almost 5 star reviews called Mediterrean Shipping Company. Their page sounds good....but then of course it would! Sure they all sound good....I like the positive reviews of like 49? people believe it was....Sent an email inquiry. I will keep you all posted. They travel across the globe it seems. Knew there had to be someone as people move for lots of reasons even from here...
Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!!!

My experience (using Mudanzas) is it's easier 'in' than 'out'

try those two I gave you

Mudunzas? I missed that....believe saw Hispanola, Montero and Larosadelmonte....


Please elaborate.....

I kmow the company that got us here professed to ship to and from practically anywhere in the world but can't/won't there again. Think best to find someone based here or having an base here of some sort as the Mediterranean does.

I know the feeling. It is akin to an afternoon need for a sitdown toilet with nothing suitable around. I have faith that you will prevail. Pm me for a contact in Florida who may be able to help.

Mudanza is a Dominican shipper in the USA...
who handles all sorts of things to here

Most things come in for Dominicans - and stay here.

Your case is different.... outbound

With the largest population of Dominicans outside of he DR in NYC, I find it had to believe that there isn't a shipper here who doesn't ship to the U.S.. We ain't looking in the right place.  Outside the box is the proper destination! Let's go look!

Be my guest...
Yes........I asked my NYC man...he doesn't do it and gave the Rosa del Monte name

What would Dominicans ship to the USA ??
They want what is there....
they don't ship muebles when they move there

It all fits in a carry-on

Had no idea that you were so astute  as to know without prejudice all that the Dominicans want & do. Bless you for educating me to the wants & desires of the DR expats.  Forgive me for thinking that perhaps they too, had a need   or want for things from home.

Gloriel, we will find a solution for you.

Again we don't need the attitude. Really why the sarcasm?

There is little personal shipping out of the DR. That is simply fact. There are exports yes but not a lot of personal goods.

If you understand how the locals live
If you understand the culture

You’ll get it....

It’s not as pretty as some think

Things from home?
Mostly, they want to leave this life behind

At the risk of more criticism.... let's try again.

Glauriel - what size is this shipment?
will it be a conatainer - 10/20/40ft?
Or just smaller?
International shipper usually use containers.

As for the question of DR to US shipments -
Planner is correct - there is very little personal shipping out that I know of

This exact question has been posed before - elsewhere- and I have participated in the search;
This is how I came to ask my Mudanza in NYC for help.

As Tink points out, NYC has a large Dominican population and those people regularly ship products/gifts /etc to RD.
Surprisingly, what you see there is rice (45lb bags) and large jugs of cooking oil.
Obviously household items too... but foodstuffs surprised me.

I use my man 2-3 times a year
There are several NYC Dominican shippers and they share services.
A 40ft container makes the rounds 2-3x a week.... they each put their goods inside.
My shipments usually arrive at my door 2 weeks later....slower this time of year obviously.
My man - Jesus Parra at Awlida Shipping in Corona NY - assures me that none of his group offers the RD to USA service.

This 'sharing' concept is how the small shipper gets around using a full sized container that international shippers use.

I expect if Glauriel has enough for a container her chances will be better with a freight forwarder.
Various household items might present a problem.

I hope my explanation is clear enough and factual enough not to be labeled a 'know it all' answer again.
I have looked into this before and welcome comments from anyone else who has too.

Willie my comment regarding sarcasm was not for you honey.

All good! We appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience!

Willie, I think your answer is spot on!  The problem I see with trying to ship from DR to another country is the customs issues.  Too much red tape!  Bringing products here seems a much simpler process.


Thank you

What I didn't mention about Mudanzas is that their charges are 'all inclusive'...
meaning your goods arrive after clearing the docks

So the $100+ for a BBQ or Lawnmower includes whatever import duties might be levied

No $200 rule to slow things down
I suspect they have an 'arrangement' at the port of entry

I do not need a 40' container. Was thinking more like a 10' container. I have books I cannot leave....been in family too long, a few kitchen supplies...not many trust me, wall decor including two larger mirrors, 7 pieces of furniture the largest is a chaise.....some personal items of smaller size.

I pack my own stuff and do it well...I maximize space very well. And meanwhile keep finding more stuff to give away....


Not to be a smarty pants either but it just doesnt make sense that there wouldn't be a shipper from here because OTHER people come here and move from for business or reasons of their own. Just can't accept that its a black hole here...

Also I looked for other shipping out conversations and couldn't anything except coming in hence started this chat. I really do appreciate all the advice!!!! There is answer just need to find it! Its like a treasure hunt! Its buried somewhere!

Maybe you answered your own question.  Contact some businesses that do international shipping.  Probably the airlines would take a box or two.  Yes it could be expensive but if you have family treasures this may be the only way...  Keep us informed.  I am sure you are not the only one looking for this answer.

Good luck.

Will do.....sure not the only one who has had this issue....if I had only known 3+ years ago that this would happen would have found a nice friend with a basement....but thought we were here for the long is so like a river with twists and bends...I tend to be like a dog on the scent of a rabbit and won't stop till I have answers...Will keep you posted.

Sent an email to the Mediterrian Shipping company....waiting on a reply. Another company in States with mixed reviews was Allied Van Lines....some love them some hate them....hmmm....toss up. But going to inquire anyway. Can't hurt.

There is an answer just not sure what yet. I will use funds from sale of house to ship so not worried about paying. After what I paid to bring stuff down and going back with less than half surely it won't be more than it was the first tine....hope not....Again lesson learned...

There are a lot of products (fruit, vegetables, coffee) shipped out of the DR to the US, Canada etc.  maybe it is possible to contact someone that is shipping this stuff.  The only issue would be how to receive it on the other side.  Must be a way...

Thank you....sure there is a way....just need to keep knocking on doors till find the right one that's all....

I am sure there is a way. It isn't common so it won't be easy or cheap.

If there is a way I will find it....

I have no doubts.

How about contacting the Merchant Marine  associations. They have public relations departments. Might be worth a shot. Perhaps the Luciano brothers in Miami could help. I've used them several times. They may have ideas for you. I'll look into it for you.

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