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Hi, i am a trained registered nurse from the philippines . I am presently practicing my profession .  I am married to a french man and we are currently living here in the Philippines . My husband wanted us to move in paris probably next year. I would just like to ask if their is a possiblity i can work as a nurse or a caregiver in paris ? and how could i do it ? I am  fluent with english but i still can’t speak french. I would greatly appreciate for your reply on my inquiry. Thank you

You would need to know French as you would be dealing with the public.

hi phoebe! Im also filipino, a pediatrician. Our diplomas, sadly, does not have any use here hehe Yes, learn french, ideally B2 level. Then get into a nursing program here and you will study for a few months (depending on your experience. My filipino friend studied for 10 months only), get your diploma and then a job. Pinagkakaguluhan siya ngayon kse yung iba gusto english speakers, yung iba dahil OR nurse siya dati sa UK. Good luck!

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