Hi, we have been travelling in Europe for three years after taking early retirement but are worried that our dream lifestyle is going to meet many new obstacles and possibly come to an end post BREXIT. We usually spend the winter in the Italian mountains and this year we have rented an apartment for six months (unfortunately it stipulates that we cannot use the address to apply for residency).
During the summer we travel with our dogs and caravan throughout Europe, this year through Italy, Slovenia & Romania with brief excursions back to the UK.
Although the future is not yet certain (and I hold out hope for a reversal of our decision to withdraw from the EU), I am trying to plan for next year.
Should I focus on residency or an extended travel visa. Where do I apply. What are the tax implications on property income in the UK. Just a few questions I am now asking myself. Life has suddenly become so much more complicated.
I would be really grateful for any thoughts, help or advice and particularly where I should go to discuss and apply for the right Italian visa.
Thanks Mark

ps. If you are interested in our story then my wife has just released a book about our year one travels entitled "Year one Fur Babies in France" from what will become a series "Adventure Caravanning with Dogs".

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