Looking fo coastal town with sail club for english speaking expat

I'd like to retire somewhere on the coast of turkey where I can have access to a 25-28ft cruiser sailboat for day or multi day trips.  A lot of what i see advertised is for larger sailboats requiring quite a few people. I would be interested in that on occassion, but I'd like to also just sail locally myself or with another person or two for an afternoon or a few days.   
Bigger picture, I'd like to find a small cheaper place to rent an apartment where I'm not worreid about the view or size as long as its in a relatively safe (from theft).   If i can find something cheap enough 300-400$ (US) per month, I'd rent it all year round but probably spend serverl months per year travelling to other places with turkey and to other countries.   Didim seems to have a big english speaking expat community from England that theoretically could have some sailors among them.  I've done some googling and an expat sail club in fethiye but couldn't get any details.  An alternative to joining a club, I'd get a trailable sailboat as big as 26', like a hunter 260, that is trailerable.  It can be kept in a marina for a few weeks at a time but also easily trailered on stored on land.  I've looked at a lot of the satellite views of marinas in Turkey, but don't see many (actually none) marninas that have smaller sailboat stored on land and put in the water as needed, which is what I do now in New Jersey.  Just looking for ideas to get access to sailing without full time ownership of a large boat.

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