Getting Electricity in Punta Cana

Hello All!  My move date is getting closer and closer.  Beyond excited.  I would like to know if anyone in the Bavaro area has recently gotten Electric Service?  If so, how long did it take before your power was turned on?

You renting, new structure etc. If renting, rental agent can arrange it, same i a condo. New building, you will have to be there to open the account.  Others on the forum can give you the actual procedures.  Good luck & welcome. keep us posted on you move & new life.

We purchased the property.  So i'll be going to the Electric Company myself to start services.  I was just wondering the time frame for them to hook it up.

No agent can arrange power without a Power Of Attorney.

Yup you are going yourself. You will need your passport,  lease or purchase agreement or title. IF there is no  electric meter you will be buying that and they will install then turn your service on. IF there is one you need the meter number honey.

They will want a deposit usually equal to 2 months estimated service.  So they will ask what appliance etc you have and make an estimate.  Once they set up the contract and you pay deposit it is usually within  3 business days.  BUT not guaranteed.

IF it is a private company then I am not sure, it will be similar though.

Thank you. That's a big help.

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